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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...

Wait, I think I'm supposed to delete that....oh well. Welcome to the new Pink Robots on Fire themed "Fat-Robot" website, created to show what the world looks like when Yoshimi wins....or not.

This is either some or all or none of my work, though "some" seems like the best adjective to use when refering to an undisclosed amount that is more than "not any at all" and less than "every single bit". Included here are my design work, drawings, music, poetry, art, senseless ramblings, mind numbing meanderings.....half hearted/quarter written false digressions....

If this site is one thing, it is ugly......but if it's two things, then it is ugly and a playground for my experiments with javascript, php, css and...possibly....if I get around to it...AJAX. Finally, if it's three things then it is ugly AND my playground AND my PORTFOLIO, but I get bored with putting a portfolio up that just shows off pictures of my work.

Pictures are great, pictures are nice, pictures are pretty, pictures just sit there and be bored for your entertainment. Why should the pictures be bored while you are entertained? I think the pictures deserve a little entertainment themselves, being such good pictures and all. So I will be working on entertaining them....not an easy task since pictures don't really talk enough to tell you that they've been entertained....you just kind of have to guess. A picture's only worth a thousand words if you're cool with one-sided conversations...

So....I explained myself, I made a few jokes, we all laughed and I did that trendy "bigger text to highlight important things" trick (I added a rule to the <b> and <strong> tags, in case you wanted to know). See, I'm already experimenting with my CSS!!!

Anyways....Dude....you're totally reading this!!!